Topic: Ichimoku Kinki Hyo question.


First of all,  thanks for dedicating your time to develop this great software.  I just starting experimenting with it but it looks very promising.  I have a question about the IKH indicator.  So I opened the "DEMO Ichimoku Kinki Hyo strategy" which is included in the FSB version 2.64, and I was following the entry and exit points which are being generated by the strategy.  I noticed that in some cases the opening logic conditions are not all met, yet SBT opens a trade.  The attached screenshot shows such a case.  As far as I understood the green line "Chikou Span" should be above the closing price for FSB to open a long trade, yet it still opened a long trade even though the green line is below the closing price.  What am I not getting here?

Thanks in advance for you support

Re: Ichimoku Kinki Hyo question.

I would like to replicate the condition........ Please post complete details of the strategy so that I can look at the complete picture.

Once you post the strategy someone is going to be able to give you a reply, without the complete picture it is very difficult to give you a worthwhile explanation.

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