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Topic: FST - JForex interaction


maybe that we can classified how bug.


1. "Operation"_Buy_EURUSD_1 lot / MT4-FST Expert_off !/

2. JForex even though fill Buy order

Be those procedure OK ?

Thank you.

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Re: FST - JForex interaction

MT4-FST Expert works in both states of the MT "Expert Adviser" button.

The problem I see is that jForex doesn't report back to MT -> FST that the position was properly open (or it wasn't open?).

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Re: FST - JForex interaction

What variety interaction logic is  between  :

jTrader - MT4;

MT 4 - jTrader;

FST - MT4 - jTrader;

if I place market order ?

Which settings in the system be critical ?

Thank you for explanation.

Re: FST - JForex interaction


pdf tutorial:


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Re: FST - JForex interaction


the problem was Fair Trading Technology /Auto-sync system/,  interaction with JTrader and

MT4JForexBridgeStandalone.java simultaneous run up.


Problem solved.