Topic: Hi everyone...

I'm a experienced developer and new to forex.

Just stumbled into this piece of excelent software and hope to give something back.

Soon after I can fully understand the FSB and FST structure and logic I'll start making my on sugestions (I've allready have some on my sleeve  smile )

I wonder if this software will have impact on trading behaviour?

Re: Hi everyone...

Hello Polite,
Welcome on board!

I wonder if this software will have impact on trading behaviour?

FSB and particularly the generator can change the process of making technical analysis.
- Standard way:
  1. We know price patterns and indicator setups. 
  2. Looking for these patterns on the charts.
  3. We hope the market will develop the post pattern model like before.
Problem: The market doesn't care about our patterns.

- With FSB Generator
  1. Run Generator on a particular chart.
  2. Generator (eventually) finds a trading criteria with good stats.
  3. We may tray to find explanation of this model (not really necessary).
Problem: Huge possibility of over optimization for the current data sample or exploiting of interpolation methods of the back-tester. (Comparator and OOS may help.)

I personally do not like the fact that the computer can lead the dance but what to do.

Anyway, FSB is able to give another view-point and to provoke many questions. We all benefit from that.