Topic: Alpari 2 strategies forwardtesting

Starting to test 2 strategies for EURUSD m1
Going to update results each week
today so far so good + 130 pips from 7 trades (5 winners, 1 loss and 1 breakeven)

Re: Alpari 2 strategies forwardtesting

4 more trades were taken, 3 loses and 1 break even, now my profit stands on 0 pips  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile
1 removed 1 strategy due to similarity to previous one and no fillers applied
i will post them after 1-2 months of testing if there any success

Re: Alpari 2 strategies forwardtesting

I took a strategy that hit my stop loss (i should be following my original rules with stop loss of 150 pips instead of 100 that I put and paid for it) and put it with updated data on FSB to check the trades and surprise what, it shows the same trades with almost exact entries that was taken on my demo forward testing.

Sorry for bad English, not a native speaker. My point was that it works as it should be, at least for my strategy.