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The source code of Forex Strategy Trader is available through -

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Why do you want to give this wonderful software away for free?

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I hope other developers to contribute to the project in order to add new features, improve documentations and fix eventual bugs.

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Hi Popov,

I've been looking at FST and FSB code and I have a sugestion: implement a class library with the code shared by this two projects.

This way two goals can be achieved:
1) Easier to mantain the code with less probability to have bugs due to code diferences;
2) Easier to add features "around the core", eg. a service that would execute the generation of strategies for every single instrument and saved it.

It all can be achieved using the present model but it's more painful and harder to keep up with your (excelent) work.

I realize that creating this core library is an huge amount of work but I believe that you'll have no other solution sooner or later ( and sooner is better smile ).