Topic: share your real account experiences

I think it is cool to khow what really fsb and fst do with equity-
it will be nice to know also account type-broker name and timeframe. big_smile

Re: share your real account experiences

I use FST on 2 live accounts. both accounts are very small. I have been running one strat for about 2 weeks. That strat trades EU on a 1hr chart this is a 4 digit account with fixed spread. I am also running a strat that trades EU on a 5min chart. The 5min strat is running on a 5 digit account with a variable spread. Both strats are down in profit. Thats OK these are testing accounts wink.  And both strats are within the backtested drawdown.

Every day I update FSB with the data from the accounts that the strats are running on. Both strats enter within a few pips of the backtest. Thats great!! The 4digit account with the fixed spread gets it a little closer to the backtest. I am pretty sure this has to do with slipage and some times the spread is larger then the setting I use to run the backtest on the variable spread account. Over all I am very impressed with this software. Not sure if I can mention the broker or VPS I use on the fourm.