Topic: Faster, Simpler and More reliable FST

I have idea to make a special "Effective" mode for FST.

When it's activated it will:
- hide all tabs and only one simple screen will be available;
- switch off charts;
- switch off account stats collection;
- show only basic info about market and position;
- show only last 10 journal messages.

The purpose of this mode has to be faster application and reduced memory usage. I hope it to eliminate all possible user interface bugs and possibilities for crash.
This mode has to be main live trading mode. All info about account and history is available in MT so it's not necessary to be doubled on FST.

We have to decide what to include / remove in that mode.

Re: Faster, Simpler and More reliable FST

It is a great improvement to make a pure live trading feature to turn off all charts and long journal history.

For example I have never used Operation tab feature, oll trading can be done in MT4.
Account tab's balance/equity chart info is not need to be graphical.

I have read that many users are running FST on VPS with limited amount of memory and they can't run simultaneously too many instances of the FST. I personally use energy efficient Intel ATOM CPU based PC to run FST.