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When using a 4 digit broker, the round number indicator does not work as needed because the minimum setting is two....

Is it possible to change the minimum to 1..,  or even smaller.....  thanks

For example  EURUSD rounds to 1.42  1.43 etc, which is too large a gap, I think it should round to 1.425 1.426 etc  eg 10 pips instead of 100.

GBPJPY rounds to 131.00 132.00 133.00

Perhaps the thing has to be revised to allow a decimal point.....


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Here you are, the minimum is 1 though, lower than 1 is terra incognita for me in terms of coding, furthermore 100.05 is not really a true round number, but it is a matter of opinion of course  big_smile

Download, and add it to the custom indi folder, if something goes south, let me know!

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Thanks so much for making this..

I added it and it seems to load ok..... I dont think there will be any probs with it.

Thanks so much.!!

I got an error message.......... 'Index out of range'

Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index
There is an error when calculating the following indicator:
Round Number II

Please report this error to the author of the indicator!
You may remove this indicator from the Custom Indicators folder.

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I'd like to reproduce that error, do you have a recipe? I optimized, used the generator but nothing...

In the mean time, test this one.

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The indicator seemed to work fine......., I just kept working with it after the message appeared, it did not cause the program to crash. the warming went away when I used another indicator.

I will see if it reappears, it came up just as I started to use it in the generator. I used the generator many times. no problem.

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Sorry Guys i have two Round Numbers indicators in indicator folders '' round Number '' & ''Round NumberII'' both working with different results!!!! which one is the accurate one?

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Both are fine...... Footon developed the second one for use with 5 digit broker....

I use both versions, both are fine.

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New functions added to Round Number II , hope you find it useful