Topic: Convert Indicator to XML

Not sure how to use this Strategy Builder program to load my strategy. Can I take an Indicator, load it into the software then save it as an EA? if so, how do I do this?

Re: Convert Indicator to XML


I am not sure I understand your question.
You have to set up your strategy in the Strategy Panel by means of the Indicator Parameters dialog.
After that you can save this strategy. FSB uses XML format to save the strategies. It's possible, but I do not advise you to edit this files or to use them for other purposes.

Do you mean - exporting strategy to MQL4

I intend to incorporate a function like this in Forex Strategy Builder in the future, but I'm not an expert with Experts and it wll take time.
The main point for me is to finish the site and to fix the bugs.

more pips profit ;-)