Topic: Who is Testimonial BC?

Here is his Testimony on testimony webpage:
I previously worked with a company that sells software to predict market trend direction. I actually purchased this software and started to look at the results. Not being pleased, I was referred to FSB and we developed a setup that has been amazing.
I only trade one pair, the Cable. For August, on a $10k account, I gained $5800. In September I got more detailed and the results are, well you tell me: 107 trades, 102 profitable; net gains $3,060.
Trading without FSB would be like trying to drive a car backward, in the dark with a blind fold on.

Where and who is he and is his strategy posted?

PS:  I'd like to know how anyone can come up with a usable strategy since generator only comes up with multiple lot type, or intrabar type, or too much DD type, and we need direly generator check-box to suppress these weirdos to get anywhere, as well as validation region feedback to arrive only at walk-forward solutions.  Thank you, some one please help!

Re: Who is Testimonial BC?

Hi BatchBoy,
I've recieve this testimony on my e-mail.
I'm also interested in how the things is going on.

BC, if you are somwere here in the virtual space, can you give us some additional informatioN? smile