Topic: Generator pop-up with limitations check-boxes


Even before we get to digging-in with fancier Validation-region-feedback, these here below are quick but VITALLY important needs that could be employed now so we can see realistic results:

* Limit number of lots employed.
* Force opening and closing bars (to avoid intrabar trade occurences, very important if looking for live doable bar-by-bar trade sigs from FSB, it may be NICE to know OF these wonderful intrabar unique TA deals, but w/o FSB's help to employ them they are useless, however unchecking these boxes below will still allow them in the event FSB arranges means to do auto-trading on said intrabar sigs)
*performance minimums, like DD.  (maybe we'd set these too tight at first to find any result in 10 hours of searching, no problem, we become familiar with what we hope for and what can be availed and set it at more practical levels)

The important point here is that these basic check-boxes and settings on generator pop-up will bypass and avoid the trivial, rediculous, and useless results, just plain ol' bypass them, and keep it hunting 'til it comes across something in range of what we all desire.

Of course, as I hope we all harp on to need in FSB is validation region-feedback, that way this as item to have as check-box too (later-gator, if much-to-do now, the above simple ones will at least find us useful results wherein we can switch back 'n forth between data horizon data chop or uncheck it to see walk-forward results of NOW REASONABLE FINDINGS):
* Validation region after date: XX/XX/XXXX
* Validation region max drawdown:
* (check-box) Validation region feedback ON/OFF

Voila!  :-)  Now with the above and your fantastic amount of work you've done with FSB so far we'd have professional real meaningful results coming up, IF they exist (or as they say in some engineering circles, "or a reasonable facsimile thereof", i.e., keep loosening-up the above limits)  But at least we would'nt have random time-dependent (amount of time generator running) or viewer quick-response dependent results along with corny out-croppings of too many lots results or deep-DD but super-pips results, yea?!  YEA!  :-)

Very engineering prudent and reasonable request(s), no?  Thanks Popov for this opportunity to quite probably get somewhere, this is a fantastic & exciting moment in history.

Jerry B.