Topic: negative level lines for OsMA in FSB

Hello all, I regularly use the OsMA (moving average of oscillator) in my manual trading and have a rule about how negative a histogram value can be when entering a long trade.

(Whilst the histogram may have turned to favor the direction of the trade I am interested in, the negative OsMA value is telling me that the corresponding moving average is still against me.)

When I attempt to enter this rule in FSB, I am unable to set a logic condition:
"The OsMA is higher than the level line" when the level line I want to enter is a negative number.

Can anyone suggest a way around this?

I have tried reversing the OsMA inputs so that I enter my slow moving average in the fast input field and the fast moving average in the slow field and I think this works (??), but I thought I would ask the experts, and I assume there is a propper solution that I am missing

thanks in advance

Re: negative level lines for OsMA in FSB

Dave, I'm not an expert, but it seems to me it's a bug which needs to be fixed (MACD histogram seems to be similarly faulty too), I'll make sure lead developer gets this, and explain the matter hopefully.

Reversing the inputs should do the trick, I'd make a custom OsMA, but the source code is not available (reason unknown), so I hope reversing works out for you for the time being.

Re: negative level lines for OsMA in FSB

many thanks footon!

Re: negative level lines for OsMA in FSB

Fixed OsMA below.

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Re: negative level lines for OsMA in FSB

thanks, will put to work immediately !!