Topic: simple trade entry & exit based on set price levels (lines)

Hi to all forumites.....i am a complete newbie to the site and FST and creating Ea's/strategies... i am looking for a way to build an EA based purely on price but cannot see it in the display menu anywhere.. they all seem based on indicators.
could someone point me in the right direction please..

i simply need 2 price levels set for entry .. if one is hit before a certain time of day then the EA executes a trade entry in a certain direction and then cancels the other.. upon entry a pre set TP and SL kicks in and then wait for trade to play out..(no trailing stops or anything)

if tp is hit close all trade/s.. close EA function..... 
however if SL is hit then wait for another pre set level to be hit and execute trade in a certain direction and again wait for Sl or TP to be hit..- If the second entry is not hit by a certain time then stop EA function..

would really appreciate some gurus advising if this could be done....

NB: if this is possible i'm not sure how i can manage the Ea if it runs overnight into the next day and then run the Ea again simultaneously for that days trading etc.....or how to hide the entry and stops etc from the broker, which would be cool..???

any help would be very much appreciated.



Re: simple trade entry & exit based on set price levels (lines)

Hi Effexx,

So, we are dealing here with a breakout strategy? Anyway more info is needed, define the lines for a start,  please. What I can say at this point is that it's not possible to make the second entry dependant on whether SL was taken out or not.



Re: simple trade entry & exit based on set price levels (lines)

hi thanks for the reply footon..

that answers the question really re this software... if the other functionaility is possible re entry but  the second entry is a no goer then its not gonna happen i guess......

guess i'll probably  have to either employ somebody to program specifically or find something similar and customize...

thanks for your time and good luck