Topic: Auto Trading version???


Any possibility to consider making an auto-trading version?  Basically make it connect to one (at first, later two or three) brokers of good reputation that likes working with auto-trading generating software companies (they exist aplenty!) and have it update on the periodicity of choice the data, find the Sig, and auto-trade it!  It's being done, and be good if this could do it too!  To make it worth your while besides gainful for just us, make it either a payed version or 1 pip per round is forfeited to you via arranfgement with broker.

This way the free unit finds us a niche, then we deposit money in selection of brokers and auto-trade it with upgrade auto-version, thus accumulating happy customers you make more money too!

Hope others will vote "Yay!" too!  :-)


Re: Auto Trading version???

BatchBoy you are wright.  This is the future of FSB and I allready have offers from some of the leading forex brokers.
But FSB is not ready yet for that. I must be 100% sure that there are no hidden bugs or logical errors that can lead to loss.