Topic: Gap Trading - help with parameters?

Hello again everyone: I have done what I think was a huge amount of paper data. and here's what I think I found:
If you look at the 4hour charts, in almost everything - AUD/CAD,AUD/JPY,AUD/NZD,AUD/USD,EUR/CHF,EUR/GBP,EUR/JPY,EUR/USD,GBP/CHF,GBP/JPY,GBP/USD,NZD/USD,USD/CAD,USD/CHF,USD/JPY, and several others, I have found that if you look to the last friday bar, and the Sunday open is BELOW the low of the previous bar, that you will have a positive push anywhere between 15 and 30 pips as a rule, with less than 15 pips of additional drop. This is also true in reverse if the open is higher than the previous high.(it drops lower)

I would like to set the trader to look for this and give me the option of setting a max pip SL and TP (as it beautifully does) or at the close of the bar. To recap my logic-

Is Sunday open lower than the previous Low? True
enter trade
exit trade at close of bar, or when maximum desired pip TP.

My number look like : 87% of all instances close higher
60% have less than a 10 pip drawdown
with my money management rules, I could be adding ~4 to 14% per trade, and on average, there's 2 or 3 trades across all currencies per week (average) (including wins and losses) for instance, today, I would be up ~23% -not risking much - 1% of gross account. my highest week was over 40% - risking 4.5% of gross account.

NOTE: This seems like it would be a great strategy to augment usual trading, but I can't find that working at any other point in the week, with such certainty.

Re: Gap Trading - help with parameters?

It should be Previous High Low, logic: position opens below the previous low.

I guess it depends on data of your broker, not really working for me.