Topic: reliable data

As someone new to using FSB, I have quickly discovered:
- how important it is to have accurate data when backtesting strategies, and
- that the data sets I imported from my 2 MT4 brokers in Australia have small amounts of data missing.

I have checked forum threads and whilst acknowledging all brokers data is unique and that a strategy based on a certain feed is best traded with that broker:

I would like to know if someone can recommend a good source of reliable historical data.

My aim is to check short time periods so interested in data for at least last 12 months, preferably 24 months.


Re: reliable data

I don't think that is possible, is it? Different dealers invariably have different quotes, albeit very small, but when building a tech strategy off it, will propogate greater and greater discrepancies. Some .csv or .txt data is dirty which needs clean-up. You may want to explore your options at this site: