Topic: Day closing?

Hi guys,

When  'Day closing ' is selected as the closing logic for a given strategy, at what time does FSB close the trade? I know that the times themselves are based of the data that is used. Thank you to anyone who can help.

Re: Day closing?

It closes at day closing, and it corresponds to the used data, otherwise it wouldn't make sense, would it? smile

Re: Day closing?

Hi footon,

Thank you for the response. While I understand that the question sounds like it was posed by a drunk five year old, I was reviewing the charts and noted that sometimes the trades were closed at 11: 55 pm, while at other times they were closed at 4:55 pm. Consequently, I am a tad confused still. Is day closing defined as 4: 55 pm?  Thank you for your help.

Re: Day closing?

Post your strategy please (or at least strategy properties and the closing point), and screenshots of it going wrong would be nice also. I think we can work the problem out after that.