Topic: opening and closing positions confusion

I have read various previous posts and parts of the FSB manual yet remain confused about when positions are open and closed closed for certain strategies and combinations of logic conditions.

If the Opening point of the position is selected as "Bar Opening" but additional Open Logic Conditions are used with the base price "Close Selected".

Is a position opened at the opening of the next bar that follows the bar when all opening conditions were satisfied, or is the position opened inside the bar immediately the opening logic conditions are satisfied, or at the close of the bar in which the conditions were satisfied?

I know the logic will be similar for closing positions, but if positions can be opened and closed at bar opening, bar closing or intra bar, perhaps it is how to distinguish between these scenarios, that I need specific clarification on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this as I believe my confusion on this topic is hindering successful back testing of my strategies.

Regards Dave

Re: opening and closing positions confusion

Hi Dave,

Pretty straight forward it is, when Bar Opening is selected, filter indicators (Open Logic Conditions) with close base price use previous bar value automatically.

Couple of links for you to read about the matter: … _bar_value