Topic: New data files format

Changes in the distributed data files.

There is a new format for the data files.
It is as follow:

2007-11-16    21:30    1.4662    1.4662    1.4658    1.4658    26
2007-11-16    21:45    1.4659    1.4662    1.4651    1.4656    38
2007-11-16    22:00    1.4657    1.4658    1.4649    1.4653    32
2007-11-16    22:15    1.4655    1.4655    1.4652    1.4654    24
2007-11-16    22:30    1.4653    1.4654    1.4645    1.4646    30
2007-11-16    22:45    1.4645    1.4649    1.4645    1.4647    45

The column separator is \t [tab].
The data is no older than 1989-06-27
There is no data for January 1st .
The number of the bars is not higher than 20000.
There are 4 digits (2 digits) after the decimal point.

The files are zip archives.

Re: New data files format

Hey Popov, first of all, let me congratulate you for this EXTRAORDINARY piece of software you created, I tried for years to generate something like this in C++ and excel spreadsheets with no success... you are just a genius.

Second, I'm trying to import my own info from my broker which works perfectly until I use the generator, I've followed all the rules on file format, I tried the old format and the new, I tried deleting the "volume" column (as my broker doesn't give me volume), putting a fixed number, random numbers, numbers from your own files (leaving open, high, low and close as my broker gives me) and I'm not being able to use the generator at all but with your own files.

when I run it, I receive a message that says "an error ocurred:" followed by the error description in spanish (as my windows vista is spanish version) that translated would be something like "A reference to an object is not stablished as instance of an object"

is that a bug or how can I fix it?

Again, it ONLY happens with my own files eventhough I'm following all rules for creating them (the only real difference I can think of is that my files are only 303 bars long).

Thank you very much.


Re: New data files format

Hi Ricardo!
I'm very sorry for your troubles!
Can you post here a part of your data file. I'm sure we can make it running.

Re: New data files format

I've noticed everything works great when I have at least 400 bars. Unfortunately, my broker only gives me 300 bars. I've managed to mix your data with mine and make it work. This happens only when using the strategy generator.

I may change broker, until now I've been only trading on demo accounts... Is there any broker in particular you recommend?

Thank you very much Popov!

Re: New data files format

Actually FSB needs of minimum of 300 bars to run but the strategy generator may generate an indicator with period of more than 400.
I have to fix it.

I don't want to recommend you a particular broker but you can open a separate topic and to ask the other user.