Topic: Different data, different results?

Hi guys,

Ive recently developed a startegy using 5 min EUR/USD FXCM MT4 data, which was imported into FSB. Using that data, the strategy works quite well, and I have backtested it over 50,000 bars of data ( in other words, all the data that the broker could provide). However once I test the startegy on the default FSB data, I get a different, much worse result. The interesting thing is that the default FSB data covers the time period from June 2010 through to September 2010, while the broker data covers February 2010 through to the present time i.e there is an overlap.  In my opinion, the performance should be synched up as well.  If anyone could explain this difference, I would be grateful. Cheers.

Re: Different data, different results?

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