Topic: $27K in 6 weeks, but won't trade

Metatrader4.00 build 226

I put this together from a number of other submissions and using some of the HTF indicators as well. When set to default 1 lot, it shows very nice progression. I usually test on a micro basis on a small account before turning it lose on my main trader. However, over the week, this one (set at microlots) never made a trade. I just backtested through this week and it logged a large number of trades for the week in the backtest.

Any ideas what I have wrong?

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Re: $27K in 6 weeks, but won't trade

That's funny. I actually said the same thing..... I was hoping for, and would be happy with results half as good. but since the test results were SO good, thought is was worth some investigation before abandoning.
Confirmed everything set up correctly for trade: check
compared the charts, and looked through the log files and journal, and even though the charts mirror, the FST never shows where it generated an order request, even though based on the parameters, it should have.

I'm experimenting with additional parameters to replace the adaptive Stoc and the Stoc HTF. or course, so far, not the same results, but some look promising.