Topic: First use of Strategy Trader

I connected Strategy Trader to Metatrader and used on of the 'creations' that I generated today.....All went well and the first entry went into profit right away...

Pretty impressive software.!!

To get my strategy into Trader, I did copy and paste, I think it may have been preferable to load it from the Strategy builder folder so that any future revisions would be used automatically.

Re: First use of Strategy Trader

Probably you may use a "productive" version of your strategy for trading and testing versions for backtesting. We do recommend to test a strategy enough time on a demo account and after that on a real one with minimal amount of lots.

Re: First use of Strategy Trader

we are sharing your excitement, however please test your strategies on demo at lease for a few weeks and compare live results and backtesting , contribute into … an-in-fsb/ than if they are the same so you can rely on backtesting, you can go live on nano lots, I suggest. Later one we will special section if you happy to share your strategy.