Topic: ToDo list for the Final FSB Release

With the current Forex Strategy Builder v2.54 RC the features for the final release are fixed.

However bugs must be fixed and some other changes must be done. Here is the current list:

- Proper date loading from the data files - 08/23/10 to be loaded as 2010-08-23 instead of 0010-08-23;
- Add "Play sounds" option in the Tools Menu. It will allow switch on / off sounds from the Generator;
- Add exceptions handling when loading update info from the website;
- Update historical forex rates in the distribution;

Fill free to report bugs and request fixes here.

Re: ToDo list for the Final FSB Release

I like the fact that you include Historical data, and moved to 5 digits data.
So now we have a turnkey approach, no need to have specific software knowledge.
well done!

Re: ToDo list for the Final FSB Release

I think that breakeven is an important issue because FST can handle breakeven, but FSB not.