Topic: New additions-Moving Averages Crossove

I did some changes on the Indicators

1- shift the the moving  by pip
2-Control of both moving  Base price

I expect that good'
Try testing

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Re: New additions-Moving Averages Crossove

There are two important details about custom indicators I've not discussed yet.

In order to make "Use previous bar value" working properly:
- base price box must be named exactly "Base price";
- use previous bar value option must be named "Use previous bar value".

In your case the "Use previous bar value" will be on when the "Opening point of the Position" is different than "Bar Opening".

See more details here Use previous bar value

Re: New additions-Moving Averages Crossove

This looks like it might well be an indicator that I have been looking for. Will download and have a look. Thanks for sharing!