Topic: Please, make a tutorial for dummy´s

I want to code my custom indicators, but the tutorial that you have is hard to understand, the best tutorial is always giving little examples, to understand how it works, or comparisons with MQL4, I think this good software, needs a good tutoring, to start coding
I expect an answer, thanks

Re: Please, make a tutorial for dummy´s

I'm going to transfer the whole website to a wiki software. In that way it will be much easier for contributors to add tutorials, howtos and examples.

When I have time, and more imprtant - inspiration, I'll write some tutorials.

For now, the easiest wa is to start with a simple indicator as Momentum.
1. Copy Momentum.cs to ./Custtom Indicaors folder.
2. Rename the file and the clas to My-Momentum.
3. Add CustomIndicator = true;.
And you are reay for experiments.

Re: Please, make a tutorial for dummy´s

than you, I try it, for your inspiration, I learn mq4 from here:
good tutorial for dummis, is writen in spanish, but is so clear, with images, inclusive if you don´t know spanish, you can learn it