Topic: Logic for Closing--- "On Winning Trade, ---"

I wonder if you can add the condition "If the trading is winning more than __pips (on winning trade)" or "If the trading is losing more than __pips (on losing trade)" for closing logic, it'll be very convenient.

For example,

Closing Logic,
             If the trade is winning more than [30]pips,
             If the AD+ is lower than AD-, and
             If the FDI falls,
             Close the position (take profit)

Closing logic of winning trade (take profit) and that of losing trade are in many cases different.
Any opinion?

I wish Mr. Popov look into this  smile
Please refer to the discussion of Trailing Stop, too.

Mr krog kindly explained the limitation of developing custom indicators, saying indicator-developer cannot get the info such as when we enter the position, how much is the current floating profit, the number of lots etc (maybe the current trade is winning or losing also).