Topic: Problems with 1 minute strategies

When I try to create some 1 minute strategies in Generator in FSB I have the following problems:

- they have too few trades (up to 30-50) in 1 month period which is 30 000 bars
- they usually have big stops (200 pips)

Any tips how to create 1 minute strategies?

Re: Problems with 1 minute strategies

Hi there,

I am interested in m1 strategies.  I started a thread and posted a EUR/USD strategy.  Feel free to take a look.  I have made some improvements already and will post the next version shortly.

I find that the key is to use large moving averages.  ie, a 200 on a m1 chart is the same as a 50 on a  m5 chart.  So they will pick out the trend from a larger timeframe (well, sort of).  It is also important to control the losses.  Trade small positions in relation to you account.  That way one three or four bad trades in a row will not decimate your account, or lower profitability.  I give some more ideas in my post.

Have a look in the forum if you are interested.  Go to trading strategies.  The thread is called m1 strategies.