Topic: Definition of "Price Move"

Can somebody give me a plain-English description of what 'Price Move' actually does ?  It states "Enter long after an upward move" but thats very vague. How is a an upward move defined and when do we enter long ?

For example, if I state a "price move" of 100 pips, does that simply mean that a long position is entered if the price moves down 100 pips ?  In this bar or the previous bar ?

Re: Definition of "Price Move"

Price Move 20 pips with logic rule "Enter long after an upward move"means that two orders will be send:

- Buy at Bar Open + 20 pips;
- Sell at Bar Open - 20 pips.

That price shift is measured from what is stated as Base Price.
You can see a short description of the indicator when you point the mouse cursor over the (i) icon on the upper right corner of the Indicator Parameters window. The same information appears in the Strategy Overview.