Topic: New Important option for generator needed

Dear popov

All indicators have Max indicator = 200  but most of time we donot need to scan up to 200 for each indicator !! and also we have no access to the original indicators to change it manually one by one  the only accessable indicators are the custom indicators  , my request is to add an option to limit the Max No. scanned by generator to what ever we need for example Up to 50  and this will help reduce the time of scan as well 
Attached here two pictures of (Moving Average of Oscillator) in custom indicators folder  showing my point of view


Re: New Important option for generator needed

Dear Ahmed, all indicators are available for download. But you are right, you cannot change the integrated in the program indicators. The 200 bars limit of the periods is not a big problem for the generator. It uses a special algorithm for choosing the value of a parameter and it's pretty effective. It doesn't go point by point from the min to the max value.