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I find it a bit confusing that the max draw down of a strategy that has 100% winners is being displayed as 0, even though intraday (seeing floating P/L) it had draw downs of over 180 pips. I would really prefer, and it would also be less confusing to newbies if that shows the highest intraday draw down instead of trade-to-trade draw down. Because many will for sure say "wow, my strategy has 0 pips draw down, let´s trade it live", just to then find out that it has massive draw downs, just that all previous trades close with profit, but with large intraday draw downs to achieve that.

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Re: Max DrawDown confusing

May I disagree with you, if you would like to control DD than use Permanent Stop Loss option.
If you are from MT4 world you would know that it shows only closed DD on account or back-test.
Run Sample MACD and you would say WOW on MT4 however it has massive floating P/L and when you look at the chart you would depressed. :-)

Moreover, FSB/FST do display Floating P/L: the Balance / Equity Chart (yellow line)

Hope it clears confusion.

Re: Max DrawDown confusing

Wrong thread, sorry.