Topic: how to customize Stop Limit?

I'd like to customize Stop Limit (for example setting a time limit) but there is no code in Calculate. At the top, it's commented: "The implimentation of logic is in Market.AnalyseClose(int iBar)"

Where do I find Market.AnalyseClose, and is it customizable?

If not, I'd be ok with writing my own. But how would the indicator know, when looping through the bars, if there is an open position or not, and what the info is of the open position (eg, opening price)?


Re: how to customize Stop Limit?

All indicators that depend on the current position are implemented in the backtesting algorithm.
The reason is exactly the same you mention above - position info.
It's not possible to customize it for FSB.

In FSB, Stop Limit sends the stop / limit levels to the expert. If you want to customize something, it can be done in the expert.