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I have tested a lot of strategies. Is there any way for me to export the data of transactions, position held, pip gain/loss etc that come in the several windows to excel, csv, text files?

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I'm just working on function for export the data to xls format. It will be presented in next v2.5.3.1 in the beginning of October together with small bug fixing of FSB.

The export of journal records will be useful for testing of a custom money management.

In addition I'll provide export of the indicators values and signals that will help you to develop additional back testing.

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Thanks for the reply. Can I also import data on currency rates and also stock futures for testing on fsb?

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You can use data for all the listed in FSB currency couples by placing it into the data directory.
Of course the files have to be named properly (see "market" into the online help"

For the moment you cannot import any other instruments.

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BEAUTIFUL! I was able to export Journal positions using Tab Delimiter, thanks