Topic: This time really problem in intrabar scanning

Hi Popov,

This time I really have problem on Intrabar Scanner.
I will try to summarize problem as best as I can.

Here are details for my system.
config.sys modified for 1.200.000 intrabars and
50.000 maxbars,
and 10 years of 1min data which has a total size of 180mb and
the computer: 2gb centrino processor and 2gb ram

And here is the problem;
when I open the FSB everything works fine and intrabar scanner works successfully. Everythnig is wonderful.
But, when I change time or change strategy intrabar loading fails. Even if I open "scanner" and "load data" intrabar scanning fails and stops 20-30 seconds later.

Then I close FSB and open it again. And wow! everything works again. Intrabar scanning is successful for new strategy or for another time frame.

So whenever I change timeframe or strategy I have to close FSB and open it again to load intrabars.

As I guess maybe there is a problem for FSB in scanning 180mb data after opening. Or maybe my computer doesnt have enough ram for that.

If the problem is on my computer I will try buying extra rams for my laptop.

Hope there is some solution for that..

Re: This time really problem in intrabar scanning

In my experiences, you haven't  enough memory for this amount of data.

I have tested FST with 4 Gb of RAM and it shows that if I use 500 000 bars of data then the FST allocate 1,2-1,5 GB of RAM during the operation.