Topic: parabolic sar setting

Dear Miroslav

I've posted this topic on the Blog as well. hope that you could help me. I'm trying to build a strategy using the parabolic SAR
Current setup is very simple

Opening point of position
- Bar Opening
- Moving Average, the bar opens above the moving average
Closing point of position
- Parabolic SAR

1. Can i close the previous trade and open a new trade instantly using the exact same price, instead to wait for a new bar opening.

2. Let's say i place a take profit/stop loss order on a buy position, once they are triggered, the position is closed. However it will generate a new buy posiiton the next bar opening, which contradicts the purpose of take profit/stop loss. I only want to open a new position after the parabolic reverses, What open/close logic should i add in to avoid opening a same directional trade once they are closed

3. Once the parabolic signals a "buy", can i place an order say 10 bps below the opening

4. Is there any ways that i can set the target profit/stop loss correspoinding to changes of the ATR

Thank you very much

Re: parabolic sar setting

I answered you questions in the blog Parabolic SAR – description and usage

Re: parabolic sar setting

Dear Miroslav

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question

My strategy is

Permanent Take Profit (40 points)
Opening Point: Bar closing
Opening Logic: Bar opens above MA
Parabolic SAR
Closing Point: Close and Reverse

But it does not fit with my logic

1. Assume the bars stay above MA

- Buy at the bar closing, the “first PSAR dot” cross from above to below the bar.
I.e. Buy at bar closing (t), if PSAR dot was above Bar (t-1) and PSAR dot is below Bar (t)
- Stop loss when the bar drop and hits the PSAR dot below
- Take profit if the bar goes higher and reaches 40 points, we close the deal with 40 points profits
- After closing, no new buy is allowed until the NEXT ROUND of “first PSAR dot” cross from above to below the bar. My problem is
          . let’s say I bought EUR/USD at 1.4400. Profit taken at 1.4440.
       . After closed, the system will automatically re-generate a new buy order at the same bar closing say at 1.4450 or the next bar closing say at 1.4460 (if I add “enter once on the same bar” command), which is not what I want...

- Sell at the first bar closing below the MA given the PSAR dot is above the bar

What should I change to get my desired logic?

Many thanks