Topic: FST (Forex Strategy Trader)

ok, so i started linking FST to MT4, but i have a big broblem.... on FST > Market Status > Point is 0.001 and my pair is GBP/JPY so it should be 0.01.... when i have a take profit or stop loss, instead of taking the profit at 10 pips, it takes at 1 pip... so how do i change this point from 0.001 to 0.01, because in instruments FSB is correct (0.01), when the strategy was uploaded in FST, it shows 0.001.

Thank you....

Re: FST (Forex Strategy Trader)

What you see in "Status" tab comes directly from your broker. It is correct. That is MarketInfo(Symbol, MODE_POINT); parameter of Metatrader and it is exactly what you trade.
Your broker quotes 3 digits ( 92.535 ) for USDJPY and 5 digits for EURUSD (1.44082). The points are respectively 0.001 and 0.00001.

You cannot change digits, spread, stop level, lot size... in Forex Strategy Trader. It updates this information from the broker at every tick. Even more. If there is no ticks coming, the program requests from MT the current market, account and position parameters at every second.

You have to make the proper settings in Forex Strategy Builder in order to match the broker's digits. Make this from Market->Edit Instruments menu and set Digits to 3 for JPY and 5 for EUR.

PS. Some brokers like Interbank FX quote 5 digits but change the price with step of 10 pips.
Others make the same and tell you that the spread is 2 pips, but it is actually 20 pips. (which is the same like 2pips in 4 digits quotations)

Be careful. There are many, many specifics in MetaTrader - Broker relationship. We make great efforts to protect you (for free).