Topic: Important FSB Improvement Suggestion!

Hi Popov,

I found that FSB and FST is pretty interesting and easy to use. I found that FSB concept is pretty interesting cause user can generate an interesting strategy just within a minute. However I found there are plenty of limitation, so you need to improve some of the basic logic structure of the FSB software.

1. Currently the FSB entry and exit condition logic is only used one combination of indicator:

    - If (Condition1) AND (Condition2) AND .... etc  is TRUE then Entry Long/Short

    What if I want to create a strategy based on multiple combination of entry/exit logic like this?

    - If (ConditionA1) AND (ConditionA2) AND .... etc  is TRUE then Entry LongA/ShortA
    - If (ConditionB1) AND (ConditionB2) AND .... etc  is TRUE then Entry LongB/ShortB
    .... etc

    Why don't you consider of adding OR operator instead of only AND operator?
2. Currently FSB condition logic is only support one indicator:

     - If Indicator1>VAR then Enter Long/Short

     What if I want to create a condition based on multiple indicators like this?

     - If Indicator1>Indicator2 then Enter Long/Short

3. Currently the FSB indicator is only support one time frame:
     - If Indicator(5M)>VAR then Entry Long/Short

    What if I want to create an indicator based on different time frame like this?

    - If Indicator(5M)>VAR1 AND Indicator(1H)>VAR2 then Entry Long/Short

4. Auto mirroring the Short condition logic from the Long condition logic is very convenient. But what if the user decided to have different Short condition from the Long condition? Auto mirroring will cause confusion for pairs indicator used at the same times, for example: Bull Power and Bear Power used for the  Long Entry will generate mismatch mirror on the Short Entry condition.
5. Lastly It would be greate if you hv the step by step guide to build our own custom indicator. Or may be create a template for the new indicator.