Topic: EURUSD H1 Strategies

This strategy is found by FSB for EURUSD at  H1 timeframe. 
It isbacktested  have a gain of 70% on standard data found in FSB v2.10 .
Reason for sharing is for it eo be available for live testing under FST if it it will trade with similar profitability and please post your result with various broker in this forum

Forex Strategy Builder v2.10.0.0
Strategy name: EU H1 70P
Exported on: 12/13/2009 10:44:38 AM

(This description might be outdated!)

Automatically generated on 12/13/2009 10:27 AM.
Out of sample testing [percent of bars]: 15%
Balance: 16369.00 USD (5/7/2009 8:00 PM  Bar: 16999)

Market: EURUSD 1 Hour
Spread in pips: 3
Swap Long in pips: 1
Swap Short in pips: -1
Commission per lot at opening and closing in pips: 0
Slippage in pips: 0

Maximum open lots: 5
Entry lots: 1
Adding lots: 1
Reducing lots: 1

Intrabar scanning: Not accomplished
Interpolation method: Pessimistic scenario
Ambiguous bars: 0
Tested bars: 19983
Balance: 7010 pips (17010.00 USD)
Minimum account: -302 pips (9698.00 USD)
Maximum drawdown: 761 pips (761.00 USD)
Time in position: 64 %

A same direction signal - Adds to a winnig position
An opposite direction signal - Does nothing
Permanent Stop Loss - None
Permanent Take Profit - 100

[Opening Point of the Position]
Day Opening
     Enter the market at the beginning of the day
     Base price  -  Open

[Opening Logic Condition]
Previous Bar Closing
     The position opens below the previous Bar Closing
     Base price  -  Previous Bar Closing

[Opening Logic Condition]
Money Flow Index
     The MFI rises
     Period  -  7
     Level  -  50
     Use previous bar value  -  Yes

[Opening Logic Condition]
     The bar opens below the Upper Band
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Close
     MA period  -  14
     Deviation %  -  1.00
     Use previous bar value  -  Yes

[Closing Point of the Position]
Stop Loss

Re: EURUSD H1 Strategies

i try to copy your setup but some bottoms are off and cannot activate
how to activate them?
See attachment picture

Re: EURUSD H1 Strategies

Use previous bar value option is automatically controlled by the program. If you are really sure what you are doing, you can switch off the automatic from the "Strategy" menu.