Topic: FSB 2.5. b-1 - Hot new functions!

Changes with Forex Strategy Builder 2.5. b-1(2007-06-09)
* Generator - fully automated forex strategy generator
* Different methods of bar interpolation. (They affect an ambiguous bar):
    - Pessimistic scenario - the price moves against the position (It is not the worst possible one!)
    - Optimistic scenario - the price moves toward the position (It is not the best possible one!)
    - Random execution - the nearer order has bigger probability to be executed.
    - Nearest order first
    - Shortest bar route - the price follows the shortest route inside the bar
* Bar Explorer - double click on the Journal or on the Chart to see the price route for the selected bar
* Intrabar Scanner - Load the shorter data periods and scan using all of them (Extremely fast!).
* Quick intrabar scan - Load the intrabar data. Use F6 from the main FSB screan
* New Date/Time functions
* Bugs Fixing

Re: FSB 2.5. b-1 - Hot new functions!

For the "Generator" function, I would like to see "Data Filter" as option of being a required opening logic condition.

This is to filter out very old data and to prevent "Generator" from discovering ancient great strategy.

Re: FSB 2.5. b-1 - Hot new functions!

This future will be included in next update. It will affect all data

FSB 2.5. b-1  is released as FSB v2.5.0.0 with some changes.