Topic: FSB to use MT4's indicator file

Its quite impossible for one person to code all the indicators that out there. So can FSB be make to rad MT4's indicator's file ie the mq4 file.

If this is possible, then it instantly expand FSB's capability as there are hundres of MT4 indicators out there at .

If using MT4 mq4 file is able to be use by FSB, then there will be instantly hundreds of technical indicator. Together with future "Strategy Indicator" it will make FSB more exciting.

In another place I have propose to have FSB live by reading SQL data dump by a MT4 EA.

All this will make FSB really exciting, only if it can act as MT4's Expect Advisor ( or a EA written that will interface with FSB) in some way then FSB can auto trade its strategy via MT4. Can this be done ?

The indicators do not need to be absolutely correct as long as they are logical and the BUY, SELL and EXIT signals are profitable its OK. After all the technical are there to help us make money, thats all they are.

Re: FSB to use MT4's indicator file

It would be brilliant to have this. I think if the feature to code a strategy into an Expert Advisor for MT4 would be even better. I am having problems with the new version though. I can't seem to make any strategy work me for any more and ones that used to be profitable in last version no longer are.