Topic: **FORWARD**Data problem with ichimoku

Data problem with  ichimoku

it seems there is a problem with the ploting of value span a and b for each time frame,
seems FSB plot value of span A and B just at the close of each candle

BUT what i NEED is to plot the value of span A and B at the end of the kumo/cloud
the end is at 26 periods ahead in the standar ichi system
NEEd to plot value of each span for each time frame  ((not at close of each candle)) BUT value is 26 period AHEAD .
idea is kumo gives us the picture of the future because its a projection in the future ( 26 period ahead)

  • Senkou Span A; (Tenkan line + Kijun Line)/2 plotted 26 time periods ahead
  • Senkou Span B; (highest high + lowest low)/2 calculated over past 52 time periods, sent 26 periods ahead.


pls help its quiet urgent and i am not a coder myself so please explain in details so i can transfert info to the coder please