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one queston whats the right value for EUR/USD  the right Lot size ??? 

Market --> Edit Instruments --> EURUSD and then Lot size... i need this value at the beginning there is a value about 10000 is this right?

Sorry for my english!!!

Thanks for Helping me!

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The lot size value of FSB has to be equal to that value of your bfoker.But10000 is ok for testing if you don't have an account yet.

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i have an real account!!!

My broker isf ActiveTrades

how do I get out how great is my lot size? Do I have to ask the broker?

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When FST is connected to the broker's MT4 platform, it shows useful info on the Status page. Lot size is shown here also. Buttons "Market Info" and "Account Info" shows additional info for the broker and your account.

It's recommended to use these parameters in FSB settings.

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Thanks a lot! very well explained and easy! good work good work!!

differed by about 10 000 to 100000 I had a margin call, which means I should improve my strategy to 100000? Or it would go well with 10000?

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You have to reduce trading amount from the Strategy Properties tool.