Topic: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

Hello Traders,

I'm opening this topic for you to post your ideas for modifying or improving the Expert Advisors exported by EA Studio.

Please post ideas for the following:
- Entry Lots calculations
- Entry or Exit options
- Statistics shown in the chart
- Account, Entry or Exit protections
- Execution improvements
- logging
- Default export options

I aim to make the experts more reliable, versatile and easy to use.

I'm also planning to add an Export Options section in the EA Studio's Settings, where we can preset options and features of the exported Expert Advisors.

Trade Safe!

Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

Hi Popov, welcome back

A question and a wish, a repeat because lack of feedback..

In an EA Studio Portfolio Expert you have the possibility to protect your account with a portfolio stoploss

Why not have the ability to take profit in the portfolio..?
Portfolio Take Profit for eg in 100 pips..
Or some other logic
But meaning, a function to lock in profit from the floating profit in a portfolio expert, small or big
And repeat, repeat, that could be an edge in itself..
Hope my idea is understandable, otherwise pls comment


Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

Hello, I have an idea that might help a lot.

Currently, the news filter only prevents trades from being opened before and after the news. However, if the order is already open during the news, it still continues to move the trailing or modify things in the robot, etc.

Would it be possible instead of just stopping entries before or after the news, to add a function to turn off auto trading before and after the news? At least from my perspective, it would work better than just the existing filter.

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Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

First i think we will let the Portfolio code small as it can be.
So i think before we export wie can decide what extras we want and this will be implemented into code. I dont know if it will work i think off only adding the functions than.

When we now want much specials which are hard coded and only are disabled in input fields it will blow off the code i think.
So i prefer the first code style.

1. Add News Filter
2. Add Portfolio Filter( Portfolio open trades with his strategies) but let us decide a filter for all. Maybe like Open only strategies when Bollinger Bands filter is true. So the hole portfolio only open/close when its in the bollinger Bands range.
This could be done also with others.
3. Martingale Option
4.Add SL/TP from portfolio which works as the hole balance of the portfolio(e.g Portfolio close all trades at SL or TP)
5. TradingTime in input fields to change faster the session time
6.Lotsize calculation
7. Option to decide EA use OnBar open or OnTick.( We need onTick when build Scalper)
8. Option for. If we make x amount that day. Disable trading for the rest of the day and restart next day.
9. Option to hide SL/TP to Broker. Make virtual SL /TP

Maybe i come with some more ideas later ;-)

Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

A better strategy samurai EA

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Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

Dear Popov,
first of all thanks for further adding new abilities to your tools.

I would suggest the chance to only open BUY or SELL trades from the MT5 EA settings, and/or a Trade with the Trend flag for opening only trend following positions, based for example on some criteria of (Multi)Timeframe+Indicator combination that can be customized from the EA Settings.

Anyway, my most urgent improvement wish list is for PORTFOLIO Expert, which has in my opinion poorer settings options compared to single Expert Advisor (until now, I wrote my wish list in 3-4 comments there if you had not read it yet:


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Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

To choose the Entry Days, to opening trades only in the specified days of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed...).

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Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

Lot size by percentage: to choose the balance (or equity, maybe the lowest) percentage for calculating the maximum loss, based upon how many pips is the SL.

Re: Wish List for EA Studio Expert Advisors

A "Notes" field in the EA window, just to write some notes if needed without interfering with the entry exit conditions of course.