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I am exporting data for use with FSB from Esignal. I use the same procedure to export different time periods, but some of the csv files I can use immediately in FSB but others I have to adjust. My files GBPUSD5 and GBPUSD15 do not immediately work, I have to adjust them using a solution previously provided last year 31/08/2008.   (31/08/2010  Popov said
Data Horizon works but funnily it takes the Time records too strictly. It thinks that the year is 0010 instead of 2010, what is two thousand years ago.
I changed the date format from  03/15/10 to 03/15/2010 by using text replace in your data file. That fixed the problem.
Doing this be careful. Replace /10, to /2010, (including '/' and ',' in the search query) in order to preserve the other 10s.
I'll try to fix this in next release.)
I can use this process and make the data work. But strangely the GBPUSD60 file does not need any adjustment. Attached is my GBPUSD60 file which works, my GBPUSD5 and GBPUSD15 file which do not work, and my GBPUSD5A and GBPUSD15A files after I have adjusted them and they work. ( I renamed them with the "A" so you can identify them, but you will have to take the "A" off for them to work.)
Can you please take a look and comment. Did you add the fix to your program. I am running

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Re: Date Format Problem

Thank you for the thorough report. I'll consider fixes in next release.

Re: Date Format Problem

Hallo Popov, did u fix it? I still have date format problems with HST to CSV migration in Forexsb