Topic: what is effect of missing data on strategy FST?

I am yet to trade live with FST and hoping someone with real trading experience will clarify for me, what happens when FST opens a position based on supplied broker feed, but then there is a problem with that data feed and tick data is missing.

For example a trade might be opened on a 1 minute basis, data feed might be lost for 3 minutes, and then connect again at a price outside of the strategies stop loss or profit target limits. (Would the trade position close?)

Perhaps FST has a default to close positions automatically in the event of data disruptions that I am not aware of...

Some clarification of the above would be greatly appreciated, regards Dave

Re: what is effect of missing data on strategy FST?

Stop loss will be in effect immediately, because it is stated already when order is sent out or just after the trade is opened. If the closing point is indicator, then the closing will be dealt after reconnection or in the worst case scenario by broker after hitting margin call. That is why it is a good precaution to use permanent TP/SL settings.