Topic: Forex Strategies convert to pinescript.

how can I convert to pinescript from the Forex Strategies that I generated, I tried using several tool applications such as chat AI, they provide not yet accurate, that doesn't mean they are inaccurate, I would like someone to help?


Re: Forex Strategies convert to pinescript.

You can do it the old-school way: learn pinescript and C# and then convert them manually as much as you are able to do. I am sure that after few conversions you are able to optimize and re-use code blocks, which will make the process even faster. More so, you might find ways to use other applications in a way that bring them to good use, making the process yet even more efficient. And by that time you have such an experience that you will know for sure if it can be 100% automated. If the answer is "yes", it will be a matter of formalizing your work and gained experience to have things done at the flick of a finger, that's a nice perspective, isn't it? smile
Good luck!