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Hello Traders,

Please post your ideas for features you want to see in CoinRang ( )

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nice tool. it will be nice that here will also be available altcoins. not only the biggest one.

maybe it would nice to have some additions like on coinmarkecap.
maybe you can use the api there

-24h % difference
-7d % difference
-30d % difference

and so on.

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Yes, you are right. I'm already working on it.

24H net and per cent changes are easy, but for the longer period, we need to download historical data for each symbol.

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-24h % difference
-7d % difference

You are correct. It will be very useful to see the price change and per cent change for one day and 7 days.

I'll start making a server-based service, which will collect tick data from a provider and will compose High and Low bars for each hour.

CoinRang will load these data at startup. The program will drow 1 day or 7 days charts and will show stats.
CoinRang will update and re-draw the charts without any further request to its server.

CoinRang will show the best micro charts because it will plot High/Low bars instead of only a middle price point.
We will see the market volatility in that way.

Re: CoinRang Wish List have to put this cointrader main forum to find in "new posts" i am looking here every day by clicking New posts ..and i dont see the new from here..

pls add this...and then delete this ;-)

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- have to put this cointrader main forum to find in "new posts"

Good point!!

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- add a shift in the its better to read in my opinion when using indicators.. when use 2 moving averages both are red. possible to change colors? maybe possible to draw some lines like other charttools.

and soo much more wishes ;-)

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- in balance sheet. in the table list on Assets.. make a link to open the chart of the symbol

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>  make a link to open the chart of the symbol


However, my idea is to use the "Chart bar" at the top. It opens the corresponding chart with a click.
I'll also add a "Buy/Sell" button.

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Hello Miroslav and forexsb team! Nice work! big_smile

I would like to sort when you click at the table label.

Congrats for the project!

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Would be nice to have Markets: Spot, Perpetual and Futures. with a filter for pairs USDT, USD, BUSD.

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wish: Button to Add a coin
The user can add a single coin or a list of coins separed by comma.

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Hey Miro,

I like your app a lot, it gives an easy way to track my investments.

I would love to see more crypto coins to be added to the platform, personally for me it would be especially usefull if you could add NEXO.

Keep up to good work!

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Hello Marinski,

CoinRang takes data feed and coin info from Binance USA. Unfortunately, it has a limited set of coins.

I used before with more than 500 coins, but it terminated the service. They require proof that no USA clients use the data feed.

We may figure out how to trick it.

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its better to use api from cmc or or coingecko...than you have almost all coins..that will be great ;-)

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Could someone tell me how much data should I use to generate strategies for a 15 minutes timeframe