Topic: XAUUSD Portfolio - Failed transaction (Market Closed)

I have an EA portfolio (only 2 strategies) for XAUUSD but it only takes a couple of trades with the rest of them failing because it says the market is closed.  This is in MT5.  Any suggestions?

Re: XAUUSD Portfolio - Failed transaction (Market Closed)

Is it during the "swap calculation time"?

It is usually around midnight.

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Re: XAUUSD Portfolio - Failed transaction (Market Closed)

I am confident that your EA is attempting to execute trades precisely at the rollover time, typically around 00:00 server time. Most brokers implement a trading pause of a few minutes during this period because spreads tend to surge when banks transition between sessions. This measure is in place to safeguard your interests, and virtually all brokers adhere to it. It is advisable not to initiate trades during this time. Therefore, the "error" you are encountering occurs when constructing strategies based on the daily timeframe, which always attempts to initiate new trades at 00:00, corresponding to the start of a new day. It also happens on lower timeframes if you didn't configure your sessions correctly in EA Studio.

To circumvent this issue, consider building strategies on the H1 timeframe and configure your EA Studio settings to operate from 01:00 (when spreads return to normal) to 23:59. By doing this, EA Studio will automatically exclude the rollover hour when generating your strategies, ensuring you encounter no issues during live trading and that the trades in the backtest match the live trades. Best of luck with your trading endeavors.