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Hi, I wanted to generate strategies for bovespa index, so I pick the data from my metatrader terminal, but when I put the data on the ea studio it creates nonsense strategies with incoherent balance and other factors. There’s some way to fit the ea studio to read the index chart correctly ? Or someway to fit the index chart data for the ea studio ?

Re: Cant generativa for index

The strategy performance depends on the spread and commission.
If you have enough data, let's say 20000 or more bars and "normal" conditions, EA Studio may find a good strategy.

If the program cannot find a reasonable strategy within 10-15 minutes, it is better to try on a different timeframe or a different market.

Re: Cant generativa for index

Hi James, you're welcome to the forums!

Bovespa index is the "Mini indice futuro" right? WIN$N. What you should do is change "Point value" in the settings for this symbol in the export data script OR at EA-Studio data settings;

Try it out and tell us if it works as expected. Cya

Vinicius Pereira, Portuguese Support.
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