Topic: how to define a certain "Risk to Riward" ratio

hi. I want to generate strategies with a certain risk-reward ratio
For example, I just look for strategies that “Take-profit” is almost twice the “stop-loss”

My Strategies have no exit logic except “take-profit” & “stop-loss”.

Can you help me?

Re: how to define a certain "Risk to Riward" ratio

You can do it in the following way:

1. Disable exit by an indicator signal:
- open a new strategy
- add "Do not Exit" as a Closing logic condition
- go to the Generator and click on the "Bar Closing" and "Do not Exit" indicators to lock them.
- in the Generator's  "Common" settings panel set "Maximum closing logic slots" = 1. It will prevent adding more closing conditions.

2. Set the required Stop Loss and Take Profit ranges in the Generator. Please remember the SL and TP values in FSB Pro are in points.

I tested this setup for 5 minutes, and it generated a strategy on EUIRUSD M15