Topic: Experts initialization failed

Hello  Popov,

There is an issue with the current strategy builder that all EA's generated cannot be backtested in mt4 due to :
EURUSD,Daily: LabelDelete: failed to delete a text label! Error code = 4202
EURUSD,Daily: initialization failed (1)
EURUSD,Daily: ExpertRemove function called
EURUSD,Daily: Cannot load enough bars! The expert needs minimum 89 bars.
Please check the "Use date" option and set the "From:" and "To:" dates properly.

I can backtest all other EA fine but not the ones from the generator.
The data i use is tickstory data to do any backtest and i am backtesting a period of 12 month
In MT4 Max bar in chart: 65000+ bars and Max bar in history: 512000

How do i resolve this?

Re: Experts initialization failed

The actual problem is: EURUSD, Daily: Cannot load enough bars! The expert needs minimum 89 bars

Your expert use indicators that require a period of 86 and need some additional bars.
The Expert checks if the chart has these 89 bars loaded. It terminates the test if there are no enough bars.

MetaTrader used to load 100 bars before running the actual backtest.
However, they changed it, and now it tries to load 1-month data.

> How do i resolve this?

Use a start date for the test in such a way that to have at least 89 bars at the beginning.